Audio Drama


Greater Boston (Co-creator)

Greater Boston is a serial audio drama podcast set in a slightly fantastical Boston, in which the Red Line has seceded from the MBTA and incorporated as an independent city. Written and produced in collaboration with Jeff Van Dreason.

What’s the Frequency (Sound engineer)

What’s the Frequency? is a psychedelic noir audio drama podcast, written by James Oliva.



arsParadoxica: Curses (Writer, with Jeff Van Dreason)
Mini-episode. Sally Grissom teaches her co-workers the fine art of swearing.


The Infinite Now: The Martian Thirst Trap, Guest Star

The Infinite Now: Whiskey Barrels, as Yogurt Salesman

arsParadoxica: Dilemma. Rosenberg Trial Excerpt

Radiation World: Prime Communication, as Majmin

Radiation World: So You’re Saying, as Majmin

The Bridge: Poor Bob is Dead, as Chad

Jim Robbie & the Wanderers: Into the Frey, as Archie Teuthidae

Jim Robbie & the Wanderers (Various)

Seminar 72: Boxing Announcer (Last Stand of the Battler) and Allan (The OS Diaries).