Website Improvements

It’s not done yet, but I’m much happier with the state of this website now.  In addition to getting it to actually work again, I’ve also streamlined a number of elements and reorganized a few things.  I’m making more use of the automated pages on my WebcomicsNation page, in order to better integrate the two pages together.

One of the biggest changes I’ve made was to redo the front of my WCN page. Gone is the disordered vertical list where I had no control over the order of the comics displayed (my least favorite of all my projects was consistently getting the most prominent placement).  Stories are now attractively presented (I hope) and grouped by theme.  My aim is to give readers better direction toward the stories they’re most likely to enjoy.
There still more work to be done (including getting some kind of advertising back on the site), but in the meantime, feedback is welcome!