Miscellaneous Updates

  • I will be exhibiting at Boston Comic Con next weekend.
  • Page 13 of Gingerbread Houses posted yesterday.
  • Had a great conversation with Shelli yesterday about the complete draft for our forthcoming book. It looks like I still have a LOT of work to do (which is not a surprise), but now I have a much clearer idea of the direction I’m headed in. And I think I know what to do with Sonny, the troublesome character I’ve been struggling the most to write.
  • I got a peek at the new website that is in development for The Boston Comics Roundtable. Apparently, I’ve missed way too many meetings, because it’s a far more ambitious project than I realized. I’m very excited, and I’m looking forward to contributing to the new site.
  • The website revamp is moving along at a good clip, but I just took a look at my Links page, and man is that out of date. Half the things I have linked don’t even exist anymore. So, I guess that’s next on my to-do list.
  • My second Emerson class, Writing the Graphic Novel II, just wrapped up. I still have to read and grade the final projects, but I should have a little more creative time available to me now that that’s done. Still, I’ll miss that class! I had some great students, and I always had fun working with them. I hope I get as good a group next year.