Finding New Comics

Busy as I am these days, I don’t often have time to go hunting for new comics. But I do always check the linked sites for people looking to buy adspace on my site, to make sure they’re not linking to anything I find terribly offensive or objectionable. And every now and then, I find a great new comic as a result.

The first one I found this way, probably a couple of years ago now, was Buttersafe,by Alex Culang and Raynato Castro, a strange comic with a darkly random sense of humor somewhat in the vein of The Perry Bible Fellowship. I don’t read many straight-up humor strips, but this one often delights me.

Today I found another strip that seems promising–Amelia Altavena’s Sketchfervor, a journal comic that occasionally reminds me of Erika Moen’s Dar, interspersed with some lovely flights of fancy, such as today’s strip, wherein Amelia vomits up a Miyazaki-esque canine companion.