Parens. In Print

So, as I believe I mentioned earlier, I’ve been working on putting together a print edition of one of my plays, Parens. Well, I did it! I don’t have the full order in hand yet, but I received my first copy, and I think it looks pretty darn spiffy, in its understated way.

I plan to sell copies at The Maine Comics Festival in Portland in a couple of weeks, and I’ll be selling them direct from my website, of course, once I have the copies in hand. In the meantime, if you just can’t wait, you can order directly from (Print copy is $10.00, or you can just buy the download for $6.00. I make the same profit either way.)

And hey, if any theatre people out there read it, and like it, and maybe want to produce it–I’m all ears!

Here’s a synopsis:

Parens. is the story of Brook and William, a wife and husband, the impressionable student and the lover of language, who now speak only through voice recorders, their lives encoded in battles over grammatical minutia.

It is also the story of Eloquence and Bill, the two children who ferry these messages back and forth, always bouncing from one parent to the other, struggling to find their place in a fractured family.

Weaving forward and back through three pivotal days, Parens. reveals a chain of events that will force Brook and William to finally confront the state of their family and to make the most important decisions of their lives.