Simpleton: A Writer’s Sketchbook

I launched a brand new project today! It’s a little something I’m calling Simpleton: A Writer’s Sketchbook. As the subtitle implies, this won’t be a full-fledged narrative undertaking. Rather, it will be a place for me to try out little bits and pieces, experimental ideas, single panel thoughts, and a whole bunch of bad ideas.

Since, as you know, I’m not artist, I’ll be trying a variety of alternative illustration techniques. Photography will play a big part, as in today’s installment, despite my being no better a photographer than I am an artist. I’ll also be playing with some minimalist Illustrator work (fans of Panel One may eventually see some familiar boxes), and I’ll also be playing around with bastardizing some existing art by whoever gives me the okay to tear their stuff apart. (Neal Von Flue is on board, and you’ll get to see how I’ve brutalized one of his old strips next week).

Anyway, I’m aiming for weekly, mostly Mondays, with the occasional bonus strip on Wednesdays. The first installment is up now–a single panel photo-comic titled “Waiting for Astronauts to Come Home.” Check it out!