Archive Update

When I launched as an archive for my fairy tale/YA comics, I included all of the archived stories from my Picture Story Theatre collaboration with Bill Duncan at the new site. I did not, however, immediately remove them from the WebcomicsNation archive linked through As part of my effort clarify the branding and organization of my work, I have now done so.

A more thorough redesign of is also in the offing, at some point, eventually, one of these days.

The following stories can no longer be found here at, but can instead be found at

The Little Bear Who Knew Fear
Together Again
Portraits of Nervous Children
Amy’s Picture Stories
Fantastic Zoology: The Coastal Giraffe
Robots Abroad

And, of course, houses my ongoing collaboration with Edward J Grug, Gingerbread Houses.

Note: All of the above-mentioned stories can still be found at as well.