Funding E-Sheep

Patrick Farley‘s attempt to fund his comics-making efforts via Kickstarter donations is hitting a critical moment–he needs to raise $6,000 by May 1 in order to make a serious go of doing comics full time. If you weren’t following webcomics way back when, you might not remember Farley, but he was a great inspiration to a lot of early webcomics creators, especially those of us with an interest in technical/formal experimentation. His “Delta Thrives” (sadly not currently online) remains one of the most visually memorable comics I’ve seen online, as well as one of the first to incorporate interactive elements without merely turning the comic into a choose-your-own-adventure. It was fantastic work, and I’d sure like to see more of what this innovative creator can do.

As of this writing, he’s just shy of $5,000, with only eight days to go. If you share my love of boundary-pushing comics, now would be a good time to drop a few dollars in his tip jar.