Dicebox, Book 1: Now in Print

If anyone on the street were to ask me, “If I really wanted to see the best that webcomics has to offer, what one series should I read?” I know what my answer would be: Dicebox, by Jenn Manley Lee.  Now, it’s not the funniest webcomic.  Nor is it the most exciting, or the most romantic, or the cutest.  Which is usually what folks are looking for in webcomics.  BUT: if you like complexity, in both world and character; if you like subtly and nuance in both writing and art; if you think world-building is about exploring richly imagine cultures, not just superficially alien ones; if you are fascinated by the politics of interpersonal relationships; and if you believe that lovers and family aren’t the only relationships that truly matter in our lives–then Dicebox is the one comic that you need to be reading.

Now, maybe you like sprawling, nuanced epic storytelling, but find such reads to be a slog on you computer screen.  Perhaps for more substantial fare, you prefer a solid tome in your hands.


Lee has just announced the opening of pre-orders for the first print volume of Dicebox.  So, head on over there and buy one–because the sooner she raises the funds, the sooner she can go to print.  And the sooner she goes to print, the sooner I get MY copy.  And I want my copy, dammit!