Machine of Death Limerick Contest

Boing Boing has one of the very handsome leatherbound Machine of Death volumes to award to a lucky reader, and they’re setting up with a limerick contest! So scribble down some rhymes and go turn in your entry in the comments section of the original post! Personally, I’d like to see more entries that would double as suitable entries for the anthology itself, so that’s just what I did myself:

A young woman who loved the ballet
quit the Machine with a cheery brisé.
“Pirouette,” was the prose
that had lightened her toes;
She had feared it would be the plié.

Also, I guess I know more ballet terminology than I thought? (I’ll cop to using a ballet glossary to come up with brisé, though I recognized the move when I saw it, which is also unexpected.)

Anyway, go make your own entries! Writing limericks is fun!