Hey! A Press Release!

A Multiplicity of Minor Milestones
For Immediate Release

After enduring famine, parental abandonment, forced labor, compelled gluttony, and the brutal death of their wicked captor, Hansel and Gretel made their way home, to the loving embrace of the parents who sent them out to die in the first place. Now, all that remains is to restore that feel-good familial harmony…

This Thursday, December 10th concludes the third chapter of Gingerbread Houses, and brings to a close the first year of our somber retelling of Grimms’ “Hansel and Gretel.” What’s more, this brings us to the halfway point in our story; the witch is dead, the children are home, and there’s a bag full of witch’s pearls hidden in the cookie jar. But what do you do with a deranged little boy who’s terrified of food?

From the start, Gingerbread Houses has been a self-contained graphic novel, with a definite end in sight. The coming year will bring the conclusion of our story, approximately on the series’ second anniversary.

Gingerbread Houses will resume regular updates on Thursday, January 7, 2010, with the beginning of Chapter Four.

Gingerbread Houses is written by Alexander Danner (“The Discovery of Spoons,” “Five Ways to Love a Cockroach,” “Panel One”) and illustrated by Edward J. Grug III (“Love Puppets,” “Glorious Bounty,” “The Bizarre Life of Charlie Red Eye”).

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