Projects Update

  • I received final proofs for the story I’ll have in Ryan North and David Malki’s Machine of Death anthology.  After a long wait, the book will finally arrive this October.  And my story has an illustration by Dorothy Gabrell!
  • Next week I’ll be doing a stint of guest blogging over at  I’ve got a couple of my stories written up already, with some ideas of a few more things I’d like to talk about.  I haven’t written anything for ComixTalk in a long time, so I’m looking forward to it.
  • I completed a new short story, which is going to be illustrated by Bill Duncan.  I haven’t worked with Bill in years, but I always had a great time with him, so I’m very excited that we’ve got a project in the works again.  The story is loosely inspired by the old children’s rhyme, “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly.”
  • I’ve been working on pitches for a couple of new textbook projects.  The pitches are done, now I’m just waiting to see if either one gets picked up.  Things are looking good on at least one front, but nothing is definite yet.
  • Gingerbread Houses is still on track to wrap up by the end of this year.  Note to any publishers who might be reading this: Grug and I are definitely interested in getting a print edition of GH out.